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Writer. Observer. Humorist.


  • JC 隨寫隨筆

    JC 隨寫隨筆

    我是傑西, 硬體業Project Manager曾做過筆電/工業電腦/機殼, 深信思維方式、教育的力量可以改變人生, 本專欄記錄我對科技業、英文、公眾表達能力、投資理財、人生的理解, 以中英文隨筆, 寫下我對世界的領會!歡迎你跟我一起成長!

  • Alexa Frey

    Alexa Frey

  • The Meadows IOP

    The Meadows IOP

    The Meadows Outpatient Center provides Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services to adults, ages 18 years and older.

  • Flipper


    Husband of one. Father of Six. Ambassador of Christ, US Marine, lifetime Houston Sports Fan (Texans, Astros, Rockets, Dynamo) Semper Fi.

  • C L Chavez

    C L Chavez

  • Mandy Web Design

    Mandy Web Design

    Call +91-998–853–0088 or visit

  • MyCityFlowers


  • Miguel Labrador

    Miguel Labrador

    Gospel-Mission Planter

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